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Our Passion

We are a family owned traditional Mexican Restaurant; our families, Chefs and Partners welcome you to an exciting dining experience at

"SALSA STREET Mexican Restaurant and Cantina"!!!

We are passionate chefs and savvy businessmen who have worked in the restaurant industry for over 35 years combined. We are extremely excited about our restaurant and care about every guest and every dish we prepare for them. We are proud of our home made menu recipes and the way our Chef “Canelo” Huerta embraces the freshest and trendiest ingredients to create the most amazing Mexican delights. Our culture is centered on “Authentic Street Tacos" from Mexico with a modern flare, all of our tacos are garnished and prepped with different flavorful sauces and fresh grilled ingredients. We are also introducing and trying to emphasize more authentic Mexican dishes like fajitas and enchiladas. In the bar, we are focusing on Premium Margaritas, Mojitos and featuring more than 10 Mexican beers that can go perfectly with every meal. Our restaurants have an elegant bar, with a full wine list, vodka, rum, bourbon and of course the best TEQUILAS, and a large outdoor patio that our guests really enjoy an outdoor experience during the summer. Our goal is to have a nice sit down family restaurant, with a fun ambiance of Spanish and Salsa music. We are also interested in bringing live Mariachi singers to the restaurant on occasion. We want to feel connected to the community and we want them to know how much we value their business and opinion.